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Telecom and Security Consulting Services

Voice Processing, Networked Systems, Voice-Over-IP, and Business Line Consultation

Whether you are trying to trim costs, improve services, implement new systems or assessing your current needs and for future planning ATS is your source.

We specialize in all size businesses. Most consulting companies are geared only to large enterprise applications and are simply too expensive for the small to medium business. We believe all businesses are clients regardless of their size.

Telecom Consulting

Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge to help you reduce costs. The world of telecom is complex and changing daily. Without being in the industry it is nearly impossible to stay abreast of the best offerings and new services. Many have succumbed to the "cheaper" services only to find out it does not meet their needs. This doesn't mean you can't reduce your costs or save money by going to new plans or providers, however the price/benefit mix is often elusive.

It is estimated that over 60% of businesses are paying more than they need to for services. ATS Telecom consulting can save you money and source what services and products suit your needs. We can advise, write up specifications for vendors to bid on and even supervise the implementation of new systems or services to ensure you are getting what you ordered and need.

Security Consulting

Our goal is to ensure you have or are getting the security you need. Security is a fast paced evolving industry. Everone seems to claim best price, but are you really protected? How was the configuration arrived at? What is the reliability of the hardware and installing company? What technology is best to use and what is changing in the very near future?

Today's security systems are not just for security, new technologies provide additional benefits such as time and attendance, keyless entry, or remote viewing of operations.

Today's systems are also used for environmental, health and safety concerns and privacy protection for your company and your clients information. Did you know that liability now rests with companies to ensure that client information is kept secure? Break-ins usually have more costly consequences than loss of equipment. What information was on the computer or storage device stolen?

Perhaps what you have will work with few changes, perhaps you need additional hardware, perhaps you need a different provider? ATS will guide you through the evaluation of your needs providing you with current practices and technology available.

ATS can design your system based on your security and operational needs.

ATS has over 35 Years of experience in the Telecom and Security Industry. Our experience is yours!

Call today, there is no cost for a consultation. You will likely find as do so many of our clients that you can save money and get better value out of what you already have!

Call us today for your free estimate @ (705)-759-8999
270 Bruce Street, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, P6B 1P6       (705)759-8999