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False Alarm  //  Prevention Tips

Workable Solutions to Prevent False Alarms

We at ATS enjoy working with our customers to prevent false alarms - we have designed this document to further educate our customers on the causes of false alarms, some of the effects they have, some solutions and guidelines to follow if you do happen to set off your ATS alarm system by accident.

What are some causes of false alarms?

  • Unlocked or loose doors
  • Users Children who lack proper instruction to utilize the alarm system such as: Neighbours, Relatives, Visitors, Repairmen, etc.
  • Wandering pets

What to do if you set off your alarm system by accident?

  • Don't panic!  Enter your code into the alarm system to turn it off and reset the system.
  • Wait for our Monitoring Station Operator to contact you - we will always attempt to verify any alarm transmitted by calling your premises first.  Remember if you are unable to disarm your system, your phone line is being used by the system, try to contact the monitoring station using a cellular phone.  Do not leave your premises until you have spoken with an ATS Alarms representative.
  • Make sure that all persons that have a key to your premises know how to operate the alarm system!

And finally, other miscellaneous tips to prevent false alarms

  • Have all users practice cancelling an accidental alarm. Call ahead to tell us you are practicing.
  • Be very careful when entering the last number of your code. In some systems, if entered incorrectly, it can send a silent panic signal.
  • Don't try to beat the system. If you need to re-enter your premises after arming your system, disarm and rearm again. Don't rely on the exit delay to give you enough time to get in and out again.
  • Keep motion detectors clear of insects, spider webs and other contaminants.
  • Check for drafts that can move plants, curtains, signs, holiday decorations, helium balloons and other things in motion sensor areas. Fans, heaters, air conditioners, open windows, etc. can all cause drafts and set off your motion detectors.
  • Supervise or confine pets to areas without motion sensors. (Remember this when having a pet sitter come into your home)
  • Check to make sure all protected doors and windows fit and latch securely before you activate your system, as loose fitting doors and windows can cause false alarms.
  • Call our office if you are planning any remodelling projects, changing phone systems, installing skylights or ceiling fans, even spray painting or fumigating.
  • Let us know if you get a pet, hire any domestic help or put your house up for sale.
  • Keep your call list current; give us phone number changes of anyone on your list.
  • Call us when you want to test your system. This should be done about once a month.
  • Replace the main control panel battery every three to five years.
  • Have us check your security system once a year. There is no additional charge if you have a service contract!! Don't have a service contract? Call us!
  • Upgrade ageing or outdated equipment. Older systems are more prone to false alarms.
  • If your keypad code doesn't seem to work, wait five seconds and try again carefully.
  • Call us to discuss possible problems.
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